The company Super Ego 
was founded in April 2015 in Kazan.

In April 2015 there were three of us
Trutneva Daria Avkhadeeva Milyausha Yakimova Julia

We have just begun to talk about the technique on working with the subconscious mind and 265 people have already completed their first training. It was done in the form of coaching - 9 lessons within 3 weeks. Our training became popular very quickly. If on January 28, 2015 43 people took the training course in the first stream, then in the third one - we already had 140 people.

This self-regulation technique helped people a real result absolutely in all spheres of life and our clients enthusiastically were telling about it to others

We appreciated that it was impossible to provide a simultaneous training to thousands of people in different countries and time zones. People expressed greater and greater interest and we wanted to teach everyone how to complete it regardless of their place of residence. In addition, the content of each session was so intense that a person within 2 hours of training simply did not have time to learn the theory in order to effectively apply knowledge to practice.

Thus, the first year in the company Super Ego was the year of product creation, the year of its packaging.

We were testing, simplifying and creating a lot of such technologies

which would allow any person anywhere in the world at any time (though so far only Russian speakers, but it's only for now) to unpack the technique, get access to the office and start working on their goals, tasks, situations, fears and grievances - through the subconscious mind

The coaching has evolved into the InfoProduct Master Kit

A series of video lessons
Weekly support from the author of the technique
A training tool for individual work with the subconscious mind

The decision to create the Master Kit became a landmark in the development of Super Ego

Only after 30 month of practice the Master Kit is being used by more than 28000 customers from 63 countries around the globe.

Our clients are happily joining the Super Ego Family community. This is the whole world where everyone finds support in difficult moments of life, which makes everyone stronger by sharing their results when it is impossible to keep silent about them.

We've noticed that we are having open-minded people coming to us - those who want not only to make their lives better, but help other people around them

We want our clients to send the idea of the technique more accurately. We began to conduct a specific training - and at this stage the network marketing tools suited best. If people are willing to talk about the technique for free, why not give them the opportunity to earn money for it

A business system

At the time of setting up a company, we have already become experienced and successful network leaders. We decided to create a business system, where we ourselves would like to run a business.

2016 we announced a year of a business

Testing of

We are developing and testing the most effective sales funnels. We understand that by changing the life of an individual, we create a conscious future for the country, for the world. Combining the best there is in the network marketing and informational marketing business we invite our business partners to create a reliable business and receive worthy invoices

What's next

Nowadays Super Ego is moving forward in several directions. Dariya Trutneva's book "How to let big money flow into your life" is translated into English. Now the translation of it is being tested
Master Kit- among English-speakers from all over the world there are more and more people who wish to acquire our technique. In the future the Master Kit will be translated into other languages.

Our second direction is development of new Super Ego products

The technique is used by completely different people - from students and mothers-housewives to high-ranking politicians and top officials of the country. We strive to ensure that absolutely every client with any level of ambition, acquiring a technique, achieves the desired result.

In Super Ego Family there are more and more people willing to become our business partners

The possibilities are really diverse: from an additional income of $500 to $500,000 a month.We have everything to ensure that every partner has a business:

A unique technique that solves the problems of any person

in any area of life

It is a perfect time to develop a business

because people, as never before understand that only they themselves - with their thoughts and mindsets - shape their own lives;

A strong team consisting of professionals

works daily on the technical components both products and business

Today the technique and business are available to everyone,
who has a cellphone

If you are ready to reveal your full potential, realising your destiny - we are on the same direction.

Welcome to Super Ego Family