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Business in Super Ego

Just imagine that you are a part of a company whose mission is to make everyone on this planet happy: a single mother, student, child, absolutely everyone. Without a dirty trick or hidden meaning. Make this world a better place for everyone.

To become a Super Ego partner


The Super Ego partner has a personal on-line office, which includes a personal business training system, a backup of the entire knowledge base, transparent analytics and reports of your business,
For the Super Ego partner an individual funnel is set up to attract customers and partners to the business
The Super Ego partner has the opportunity of career growth with differentiated training from the first stages of creating a business to international leadership conferences.
The potential
Every year more and more people are involved in the search for personal growth and development. We enter the market the average potential of which is 300 billion dollars a year. This is the amount that today is spent on seminars, trainings, personal coaches, books, web courses, etc.
The market is mentally shaped, people pay for opportunities to live better. Super Ego is here to meet this need. We offer a practical tool for direct work with the subconscious mind. Time is working for us.
The Master Kit
The Master Kit is a unique patented
technique for self-regulation.
The Master Kit is needed for everyone. There are no age, gender or territorial restrictions
The Master Kit is available for individual usage immediately after purchase.
Payment system
The marketing plan does not require monthly investments. In order to receive a reward, it's enough to be a user of the Master Kit.
The Marketing Plan includes 68% of commission payments for the Super Ego Partners.
The Marketing Plan allows you to receive a benefit from turnover even with one working structure

Travel withSuper Ego

From April 1 to April 30 2016 we are running a promotional event on 3 visiting festivals of SuperEgo Fest in SuperEgo Company. During this year we are planning to visit 3 continents: Europe, America, Asia.

What is Super Ego Fest?
The best resorts in the world, five-star hotels, sandy beaches and snowy peaks, delicious dishes and national holidays, rafting and diving in the vast expanses of the underwater world, deserts and waterfalls, islands and continents, cruises and flights - all this awaits the participants of the SuperEgoFest!
Increase of the arsenal of your tools in business, adopted by other successful participants of the Super Ego Fest. The most effective tools can be used in working with your team already during the festival.
As a result,During these 3 offsite sessions we will consider 3 key components of efficient building of a network business: width, depth, geography.


Having studied the marketing plan, you yourself can plan your income by creating a business in Super Ego company. You choose whether this is the main or additional source of income, or whether you are building an international business, receiving a benefit of the turnover of the whole company.

* To download a detailed marketing plan you need to log in to the partner cabinet system


Every year in the middle of May we run an event dedicated to the Super Ego company's birthday.

It is at the Open Day when the partners are rewarded for their contribution to the development of regions and countries.

This is a two-day celebration combining the training, the results of the year, the marathon of records based on the results from the technique and trainings on business.

You will personally be introduced to the company's management and all departments of the administrative office.

Thanks to these people, big and small miracles are born in different parts of the earth.

Our channel


How to make a million. Do not offer network marketing.
The history of Super Ego company's success and many of those who are involved in, we show the world in an unusual format. A film in the genre of reality tells everyone about 21 participants from different cities on the way to the goal of 20,000 dollars a month!
Throughout 10 months you will be able to watch how they increase their invoices, work with the team and try to remain on track!

Each series of the film can open a new face of Super Ego. Do not miss the story of how ordinary people set a goal and achieve it! We are sure of the inevitable success of each of the participant.
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